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Facing a DUI charge can leave you with a lot of questions. Especially if it is your first offense. You'll find answers to common DUI questions to ask a lawyer in Denver below but call us for answers to your specific case. The first consult is Free!

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DUI Defense Attorney Questions Denver

Facing A DUI? Whether this is your first offense, second, third or more.... You probably have more questions than answers. We have answers to some of the most common questions around DUI and DWAI charges


Q: I recently got a DUI in Colorado. This is my second offense, however the first was in Texas. Does this make my most recent DUI in Colorado a "second" offense? 

A: Not necessarily. if you got your first one dropped, or did your time for it, I do not see why Colorado would take it into consideration for any reason other than at time of sentencing ( due to pattern). Now if it was still an open case, it may be taken into consideration. However in most states they can only take a past penalty into consideration at time of sentencing. 


Q: I'm underage (20) and was pulled over, my BAC was .197. I was detained and kept overnight  until my BAC was normal. This is the first time I've been in any kind of trouble. Is it even worth getting a lawyer? It seems like there is no hope if I hire one

A: Get a Lawyer, unless you request a DMV hearing you will automatically loose your drivers license. The best thing going for you is that no one was hurt and you didn't cause any damage. A good lawyer can fight to reduce some of the charges given that this was your first offense. 


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Here are more of the important DUI questions to ask a lawyer in Denver


Q: What Can I Do if I’m Guilty of a DUI?

A: If you are guilty of DUI, the best method is to own up to the situation. Willingly agreeing to counseling or Twelve step programs (AA) programs reveals that you are sincere about wanting to address your dependency concerns. Before you enter a counseling program however, talk to a local attorney who generally handles DUI cases as the regional prosecuting workplace might prefer certain alcohol and drug corrective programs. A local DUI attorney will understand what those programs are and how to enter them. Some jurisdictions offer specialized DUI schools or classes. Regardless of which drunk driving program you enter, dedicate to the whole program. Minimal effort at rehabilitation will not be viewed positively by the prosecutor handling your case. 


Q: How much does a DUI lawyer cost?

A: Lawyers often specialize in certain areas of practice. You most definitely want to hire a lawyer who knows their way around the complicated DUI and DWAI laws in Colorado. Every State has a law against driving with a certain BAC (blood alcohol concentration). The cost of representation will vary depending on the circumstances. Is it your first offense? Was anyone injured or was there any property damage. The details of the case will determine the cost. You can  expect the cost to start around $2500 and go up from there depending on the charges. But don't let the price tag scare you away from proper representation. Check into payment plans and request a free consultation to get started. 


Q: Will I have steep fines to pay? 

A: Many DUI offenses come with steep fines in addition to potential jail time. This is another important reason to hire a DUI lawyer to represent your case. A good DUI lawyer can in many cases lessen or eliminate fines and jail time. Fines can range from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more for a felony conviction. 


Q: What is a DWAI?

A: A DWAI is driving while ability impaired and is considered a lesser offense than a DUI. This can be a bit deceiving because a conviction for a DWAI can carry the same sentencing as a DUI. If it is your first offense for drinking and driving a DWAI can in some cases mean reduced fines and reduced jail time. 

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