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Getting a DUI is stressful enough without having to deal with the expense that goes with it. We can help alleviate some of that stress with affordable payment plans. Get the best representation without the high fees. 

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Do Good DUI Lawyers Take Payment Plans?

Do good DUI lawyers take payment plans? 

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You get apprehended for DUI. Because you were in a battle with a loved one, had a bad day at work, or recently got some other kind of bad news. Then, to rub salt in the wound, you get detained and now you need to find a large lot of cash to pay a good lawyer. No what? Toss yourself on the mercy of the court? No way. Work with some hack for $975 who looks like he overslept? Never ever. Call a real legal representative and discuss your alternatives.
So here is the question: Do good DUI attorneys take payment plans? The answer is: "It depends". For example, a client comes in on the same day of the arrest. This would mean that there are still a few weeks before the court date. What we need to do right now is to set a DMV hearing to prevent an automatic license suspension. In this case yes, we would take payments. The first payment would be due before going to court. A fee agreement would need to be signed with the details outlining the payment schedule.
Once we go to court for a misdemeanor, we have about 90 days. This suggests we have three months to expand the remaining payments. The total cost will vary... a first offense is less to defend than a second or third offense.
Yet some attorneys say they will not take payments? Maybe those aren't the lawyers for you. Sit down with the lawyer you plan to hire. You shouldn't be meeting with their assistant, a sales rep or paralegal. Make sure the lawyer you plan to hire specializes in DUI and criminal defense and hire DUI lawyers that take payments in Denver for your peace of mind. 

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DUI Lawyer Payment Plans

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